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Privacy Policy
Written by RWorks
Tuesday, 21 December 2010 23:27

RWorks Privacy Policy

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At RWorks we are emphatic about your privacy. We understand that with a service such as RWorks, people will be concerned about privacy.

Visibility of data within your account:

  • The person who creates the account for your organisation within RWorks is the administrator
  • You can invite additional users to be part of your organisation and hence be paid for by you
  • You can give these additional users 'administrator' privileges
  • You can delete some or all of your data at any time. All administrators of accounts can delete a section of an individual’s data or all of an individual’s data or their complete organisation and associated accounts and groups
  • Administrators can create groups of people and nominate one or more users as a leader of the group
  • Group leaders can see the data relating to members of the group
  • An administrator can see all of the data belonging to his/her organisation
  • An administrator can delete the entire organisation and it's data

Our visibility of your data

  • We will not look at your data or your organisations or groups data unless there is a technical problem or it is required by law
  • We will not send you spam. RWorks only uses your email address
  • To retain the uniqueness of your account
  • To send notifications to you which is part of the normal workflow of RWorks such as registration, forgotten password, notification of bills and electronic delivery of invoices relating to a bill
  • To directly communicate with you in relation to any issues which may affect the service or your account.
  • To directly communicate with you to determine your opinion of the service, to offer help with the service or to gather feedback on the service during or after evaluation of the service and during or after paid subscription to the service.

Under no cirumstances will RWorks share your information with anyone or rent or sell your information to anyone, with or without personal or organisations indentifying information. We may only share, rent or sell aggregate information such as "how much time do people spend in meetings".

Information we collect

As part of the normal functioning of RWorks, we collect the following information

  • Registration information including firstname, surname, country, time-zone, email address (which requires verification)
  • Billing information including organisation name, address, state, country, post-code, EU VAT ID (if applicable). We do not store credit-card information.
  • User Behaviour data

We collect user behaviour data such as applications running, window title bars, and web-sites by title (not URL), time spent focussing in windows, and machine name. When a user is in ‘Personal’ mode, we do not record anything except the length of time in ‘Personal’ mode. Therefore if you wish to perform activites on your computer which RWorks cannot see, you should first click on the 'Personal Time' button.

We also collect the time a window spends in focus, the amount of time spent clicking a mouse or pressing a key.

NOTE: We do not and WILL NEVER record or log key presses or mouse clicks. We do record how many keypresses or mouse clicks happened over a period of time but not the actual mouse or key clicks themselves. We do this to determine if use of an application is interactive or not.

We do not record OS usernames, passwords, IP addresses, the contents of windows, key strokes, mouse positions or any network information.

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