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The Intelligent Teleworking Software Solution

The Intelligent Workforce Management Solution

RWorks was developed to solve the management headaches of managing people in different locations.

Using the very latest technologies available, we have created a solution which is non invasive from the workers perspective but which also ensures that critical information relating to activity is captured and reported accurately and in real time. The system, which is cloud based resides on a workers desktop, captures work activity in real time and sends that information to our web application which is easily accessed by the manager or team leader.

How does RWorks respect worker privacy?

During the design phase of the product, we interviewed numerous office based workers and remote workers. We realized that in order to gain universal acceptance, privacy and light touch monitoring would be key to the adoption of any new flexible working software application. RWorks, uniquely does not screen grab, covertly monitor, secretly photograph or record key presses of telecommuters in order to compile activity information.

Teleworker Desktop App

Management of Workers in a virtual or distributed organization- How does it work?

Because RWorks automatically captures relevant activity based information, RWorks can produce a comprehensive selection of accurate reports which show a manager what each worker is doing in real time, thereby eliminating the need for endless communications requesting project updates.

Teleworker Task manager

Productivity and Project Management

RWorks allows both manager and workers to see what’s happening in projects and across departments, regardless of location

At RWorks we are dedicated to helping you improve your productivity. RWorks looks beyond time and attendance, or business inputs. RWorks helps you see business outputs; it helps you see the delivery of results. As the saying goes: 'Time is Money'- time spent working productively is profitable time.


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