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The Intelligent Teleworking Software Solution

How it Works

RWorks consists of two parts; a desktop application which is installed on your PC and a web-application.

Desktop Application

The desktop application allows you to indicate what you're doing i.e.


In a meeting

On the phone

Personal Time

When you indicate you're Working, RWorks records what applications you're using and what documents you're working on.  It tracks the amount of time you spend in each document and application. It shows you a real-time breakdown and record of how you're spending your day! When you indicate you're on personal time, RWorks tracks nothing except the amount of personal time.

Web Application

The web-application allows you to see you're trends over time. You can run a variety of reports from detailed breakdown of activity to timesheets and productivity reports. The web application also allows you to create projects and tasks which you can assign to people on your team or yourself. The RWorks desktop application then looks at these tasks and matches it up with activity it sees on your PC and the PCs of your team.

This 'matched' activity is sent to the RWorks web-application where it allows workers and managers to see progress on projects, effort to date and even when RWorks reckons the tasks and projects will be complete.

Telework business output


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