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The Intelligent Teleworking Software Solution

Bring your Near Shore Team closer with RWorks

Man holding world in handOur software solves the two main issues for near shore developers and their managers, accountability and visibility.

Our desktop application installs with one click and directly captures developer’s activity from their desktop when they indicate they are working. 

It then feeds that activity in near real time to the cloud, where it can be seen by a manager, using RWorks Web Application.

RWorks allows you to

  • View progress on projects from anywhere without the need for meetings or conference calls.
  • Maintain worker privacy.
  • View Timesheets, with no manual entry required.
  • Capture a developers activity - automatically and matched to tasks assigned.
  • “To the second” accuracy of all your developers time spent working; underpins customer billing.
  • Assign new tasks remotely to team members, instantly.
  • Grand total billable hours, predictions on project completion and more.
  • Use RWorks to get true accountability and visibility of your offshore team.
  • Use RWorks to get true accountability and visibility of your offshore team.

It works like this:

1. Desktop Application captures activity:


2. Desktop application then feeds activity to Web Application, for viewing by Manager:


3. Manager can then produce reports with one click. Monthly Timesheet. For example,


4. Reports Include:

  • Timesheets.
  • Billable hours on projects.
  • Project Status Reports.
  • Detailed Activity Reports.
  • Work Distribution Report.


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