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RWorks Productivity Tips, No. 21 - 30
Written by RWorks
Monday, 15 August 2011 13:27

We are all about productivity here at RWorks! The solution is dedicated to demonstrating, enabling and improving your productivity, and that of your team. To follow on from a previous article we published '20 Top Tips for Productivity', here are 10 more!

No. 21: Drowning in a sea of old papers? Check out a good secure scan and shred facility, eg

No. 22: Insist on 'hard starts' and 'hard stops' for meetings, so everyone's time is respected and valued

No. 23: Reduce the number of emails sent within your organisation.Too many hours are lost checking,reading ,replying

No. 24: Make a ToDo List! Can't believe its taken to #24 to mention this one! Create an interactive one on

No. 25: Get inspiration for other people's energy, especially for creative projects. Take your coffee break with a pal

No. 26: Take care of your physical well-being.Staying active will keep you healthy and ward off those aches and pains

No. 27: Empower employees/co-workers to skip occasional meetings in order to get a project done

No. 28: Open your office windows! Let all that fresh air in, it will invigorate you!

No. 29: Use RWorks! The RWorks Desktop Application gives you  a highly accurate (Second by second and in realtime) visual breakdown of how you've spent your day

No. 30: Don't skip breakfast,and think this saves you time.You'll lose out later in productivity and energy levels!

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