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US Telework Week 2012
Written by RWorks
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 08:23

Here, at RWorks, we are all about making telework work! 

So we are very excited about this week being the second annual US National Telework Week, when agencies, organizations and individuals are encouraged to pledge that they will telework for the week, and experience for themselves the win-win situation that teleworking provides to both the employee, and the employer.

The week has been organized by the Telework Exchange, a public-private partnership, dedicated to promoting telework and it's benefits.

Over 63,900 people have pledged to telework this week, March 5th to 9th, 2012, which is staggeringly already over 150% of the Telework Week 2011 figure, when almost 40,000 pledges were made. During Telework week in February last year, those who pledged to telework for that one week, gained back 148,692 hours in their day, saved 3,764,001 miles in driving time, and $2,730,229 in commuting costs. With national gas prices reaching $3.72/gallon, there are real and immediate savings to be made by teleworking, so why not give your car and you wallet a break?

And it's not too late to pledge. It's free, and can be done very easily at

In honor of Telework Week 2012, we here at RWorks are delighted to give you a 30-day free trial of RWorks, which could very well be the missing link in your Telework Programme management approach. RWorks is used to manage the dispersed team, big or small. Tasks are assigned to team members, and RWorks tracks productivity and progress on tasks when individuals indicate they are working. RWorks is intuitive, with all the benefits of cloud-based software. Take a look at a short demo of the RWorks system on

To register for your free trial of RWorks, simply go to, and use voucher code: teleworkweek2012

In today's economic climate, teleworking is a great way to cut operating costs for your department/business, without losing staff. Employers save by reducing workspace requirements in terms of real estate, lighting and heating, and indeed reap the benefits  in terms of increased productivity of employees. Why not try it out, and see how it works for your organization?

This article was written by Valerie Redmond, RWorks co-founder

Valerie can be contacted at


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