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20 Top Tips for Productivity
Written by RWorks
Thursday, 21 July 2011 12:06




Here at RWorks, it's all about to measure productivity, how to enable it, how to increase it. We even run a series on twitter @rworker of Top Tips for Productivity.

Here's the first 20 of those tips:



RWorks Productivity Tip #1:

FOCUS PEOPLE! Ignore anything that is not important today.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #2: 

Appreciate The Sound of Silence (and I don't mean the Simon and Garfunkel song!) [See our Blog Article:]

  RWorks Productivity Tip #3: 

 Ask for Help! In other words,collaborate in work with others! Your combined skill sets will get that job done.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #4:

Get on your feet and have that meeting standing UP! (scrum)

  RWorks Productivity Tip #5:

Take time to think about the purpose of upcoming meetings, and to clarify your questions beforehand.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #6:

 Watch Deadlines!RWorks provides an immediate view of all your tasks and if they will make that deadline (or if there is no chance they will!!)

 RWorks Productivity Tip #7:

Do your Worst First! Get your most dreaded task done first thing today, and then have a GREAT day!

 RWorks Productivity Tip #8:

 Is your desk a mess? Take a few minutes to clear your desk, it will clear your head.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #9:

Inbox Housekeeping -When receiving articles/ white papers requiring no action,file into a 'Read Later' folder.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #10:

Notepad is a great timesaver when copying and pasting items with different fonts.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #11:

 Never EVER (ever) check your emails first thing in the day.

  RWorks Productivity Tip #12:

The early bird catches the worm! Get out of bed in plenty of time to arrive at your desk relaxed and focused.

  RWorks Productivity Tip #13:

Water, water everywhere!....So, drink it! Aim for 2 litres a day to keep you alert and enthusiastic for your day!

  RWorks Productivity Tip #14:

What % of time are you productive? 40% or 85%? Productive time is time spent on assigned work. Use to get your %, updated in realtime!

 RWorks Productivity Tip #15:

For outstanding productivity,work in bursts!The length of burst varies for people,but we all have our optimum.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #16:

On Monday: The big challenge is making that shift from weekend to workday. Get your head around that, and you are on your way!

 RWorks Productivity Tip #17:

On Tuesday: Take a look at Stephen Coveys book "First Things First", which describes 4 quadrants where time is spent (Important,Urgent). Be very careful in the Quadrant of Deception,(interruptions, some meetings, some phonecalls), and avoid the Quadrant of Waste (trivia, busywork, junkmail).

 RWorks Productivity Tip #18:

On Wednesday: Review you deadlines now it's midway through the week, what are priority tasks?

RWorks Productivity Tip #19:

On Thursday, need a boost? Take a short break outside for a brisk walk in the fresh air.

 RWorks Productivity Tip #20:

On Friday: Congratulate Yourself on what you HAVE accomplished this week. Good job!


RWorks is a cloud computing solution for managing tasks and productivity, enabling teleworking and dispersed teams as well as in-house management.

This article was written by Valerie Redmond, RWorks co-founder, who can be contacted via, @rworker on twitter, or take a look at the RWorks Facebook page.





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