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Spotlight on James Gosling, Father of Java
Written by RWorks
Thursday, 09 June 2011 12:11


Here, at RWorks, we LOVE Java. Yes, we are (un) certified Java nuts. We also find starting points really interesting, so here's a bit about the man who created that language we know and love.


Canadian James Gosling is widely known as the father of Java, the highly influential programming language.

The writing of Java began in December 1990, as part of a project at Sun Microsystems. The project investigated controlling consumer electronics from a central remote control device.
Gosling started with C++, but found it too limiting for different devices.

So, he devised a new language, that would be portable. This language was originally known as Oak, and was later renamed Java. Suddenly, programmers had the ability to create software on one platform, to run on all platforms. For example, programme in Windows, and the programme would run on a Mac ( and vice-versa!). This is known as WORA, write once, run anywhere! (Although most developers would amend that slightly to WOTA, write once, TEST anywhere! But you get the drift)

Java has brought huge functionality to cellphones, TV sets, portable electronics and websites.
In 2009, Sun was bought out by Oracle.

Very recently, on March 28, 2011, James Gosling started his new job Google.



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